i'm the vice president of chocolate! (illeatchu) wrote in withlace,
i'm the vice president of chocolate!

46 naruto and 1 banner

my so called 'friend' got me back into the single most addictive fandom there ever was.

saiten fix3

sd suigetsusd sasorisd sasori deidara
sd sasori 2sd konansd deidara
sasorisd sasori 3sd deidara 2

saiten fix2saiten fix1saiten fix3
dflcsfeklcsmanga sui 2pngmanga karin
manga sui ka 4manga sui ka 2manga sui ka 1
manga sui 1manga sd leegaamanga sd leegaa 2
manga sakura 3manga sakura 2manga sakura 1
manga sakura 4manga coloring sui ka 3
manga header sakura

fanart team guyfanart team 10fanart team 8fanart team 7 2
fanart team 7 1fanart sand siblingsfanart suika 5fanart suika 4
fanart suika 2fanart suika 1fanart sasodei 1fanart suika 3
fanart nejiten 1fanart kankiba 2fanart kankiba 1fanart kakashi
fanart kakairu 3fanart kakairu 2fanart kakairu 1

credit would be nice for the manga but not necessary for anything

first six i found on tumblr with no credit. i did a reverse image search and it turned up nothing. tell me if you know the artist.
7 8: x
9: x
10: x
11 14 15: x
12: x
13: x
16: x
17: x
18: x
19: x
Tags: !user: illeatchu, animanga: naruto, banners, colored manga
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