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advent children, akira, andrew wk, animanga, animated icons, anime, aqua teen hunger force, assassin's creed, assassin's creed 2, athf, audrey kitching, band of brothers, banners, bayonetta, bleach, bob dylan, bob neuwirth, buddy holly, casshern sins, cheeseburger, closer, closer (movie), code geass, cosplay, death note, dogs (manga), dogs: bullets and carnage, donovan, duffy, elton john, ergo proxy, eugene mirman, fanart, fanmixes, fernando vicente, final fantasy, flapjack, fmx, fotc, frank sinatra, friending memes, full metal alchemist, full metal alchemist brotherhood, ghost in the shell, gifs, gimp, graphics, gundam, gundam 00, gundam seed, gundam wing, gurren lagann, heavy rain, hp lovecraft, iasip, icons, iron man, iron man 2, its always sunny, james jean, kate nash, kido senshi, kuroshitsuji, left 4 dead, lily allen, making icons, manga, marvel, music, musicians, my chemical romance, naruto, nat king cole, neon genesis evangelion, no more heroes, no more heroes 2, ouran, ouran highschool host club, patton oswalt, persona 3, persona 4, photoshop, psd, raquel reed, rufus wainwright, scene queens, scooby doo, silent hill, silent hill 2, silent hill 3, star trek, stock, superjail, team fortress 2, tekken, the beatles, the birthday massacre, the blues brothers, the history boys, the office, the rescuers, the spinners, the ting tings, transformers, transformers 2, tutorials, valkyrie, video games, watchmen, wayne's world, wheel of time, where wild things are, withlace, world ends with you, x-men, yu-gi-oh!, yuugiou